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Jonker Street

Jonker Street, also known as Chinatown in Melaka, is known for its wide array of antique shops but over the years, it has turned to clothing, crafts and eateries. On Friday and Saturday nights, the street turn into a night market that sells tasty foods and souvenirs.

Melaka River Cruise

Explore the passage of Melaka's vibrant heritage and get an overview of Melaka. Nice restaurants, bars and shops are scatter along the river. The best time to take on this ride is during the duck hour as the decorative lights will be lit up during that time.

Hang Li Poh's Well

Also known as King's Well, this is oldest well in Melaka is built by the followers of Princess Hang Li Poh in 1459. After the conquering of Melaka, the Portuguese and Dutch secured the well and used it as their main water source. However, it was left in despair during the British period. Now, the water is not consumable and it has become a wishing well for visitors.

St. Francis Xavier Church

The church was built in 1849 by a French priest, Father Farvé and is a twin-spired neo-gothic structure. It is believed that the church is modelled after the Cathedral of St. Peter in Montpellier, France. To this day, the church still functions as a Catholic church with regular mass services being held.

The Stadthuys & Clock Tower

The Stadthuys (meaning city hall in Dutch), was the office of the Dutch Governor and Deputy Governor in 1650. This place is known as the Red Square for its red exterior and red clock tower nearby. Now, the building is home to the History and Ethnography Museum. Among the displays include traditional costumes and artifacts collected throughout the history of Melaka.

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